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Welcoming environments for sport & physical activity


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A three-hour workshop focusing on how deliverers can create positive environments for those new to sport and physical activity and develop a person-centred approach to get less active or inactive people active.

The benefits of an active lifestyle are wide ranging and well understood, however, they can only be achieved if we can get everyone more active. By definition, this means engaging people from all walks of life including less active and inactive people. For many of these people, however, the idea of sport and physical activity conjures up childhood memories of feeling awkward in PE sessions, the embarrassment of not feeling good enough or being afraid of looking stupid in front of others.

But being active doesn’t have to be like this and this workshop explores how to create welcoming environments that anyone can feel part of, regardless of background or ability. It focuses on understanding the emotional experience of taking part in sport and physical activity and how to create positive environments that lead to positive experiences.

Over the course of the workshop participants will explore:

  • The core values which promote a positive experience
  • The language of sport and physical activity and how this impacts participants
  • How it feels to be new in a physical activity environment
  • The impact of emotions on our choices and behaviour
  • How to build confidence for newer participants
  • The role of the leader in an active environment
  • The influence of other people in an active environment
  • Appropriate competition – what it means and how to use it
  • How to work with commitment-phobes – ideas to help keep people coming back
  • Thinking on your feet
       working with and supporting different types of participant
       when practical stuff goes wrong and what to do about it

Throughout the session, the workshop will incorporate case studies and other thought provoking materials which showcase the creation of a welcoming and positive environment in practice.
There will also be a number of exercises to allow participants to practice the skills they are learning and explore different ways a scenario may play out in practice.

Participants will receive the following takeaway resources from the session:

  • Core values for a positive experience
  • Tips to get participants talking in your sessions
  • The Welcoming Coach experience checklist

At the end of the workshop participants will have a greater understanding of how to create welcoming experiences for everyone, regardless of age, gender, health, ability, level of commitment or background.