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There are too few activity providers where the whole culture is focused on creating an atmosphere where new people are welcomed. Interestingly, such places can often be very welcoming when you have first been introduced

We are becoming ‘demanding customers’ therefore to increase sports participation we simply must make clubs, leisure centres and activity providers more welcoming places which provide really great experiences

Being welcoming is about developing and maintaining a culture where everybody talks to each other, being long-standing members or newcomers or guests. Where different people with different needs all feel they are being looked after and where members, parents, supporters, staff and volunteers are all focusing on creating great sporting experiences

How to grow sports participation…introducing the Welcome Pledge

Hits: 56“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results,” Sir Winston ChurchillSport England’s latest Active People survey confirms what most of us who work in community sport have long realised: that participation in most sports across the UK has been in decline some years. Some commentators have blamed external factors, such as […]

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