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Always at the forefront of new thinking and innovation


Our workshop are renowned for being highly topical and focused on sharing best practice of how to develop and deliver more enterprising community sport and physical sport.

They enable delegates to learn and exchange ideas on how they can develop and improve the way they run community sport and physical activity by listening to ‘people who are doing it’.

At SMN we help develop and promote new thinking and practical solutions in delivering welcoming and affordable community sport and physical activity.

Our workshops are pivotal in bringing together
ideas, people and best practice



UK’s first conference on Disability Sport or Sport for Disabled People, which brought together 100+ people from across the UK focusing on how to increase disabled people’s participation in sport and active recreation


Successful events focusing on Innovation and Enterprise in Community Sport in the four home nations in Cardiff, Edinburgh, Belfast and London.


LikeaGirl conference November 2015, the UK’s first event where 140+ people from across the UK learned more about the important issue of why girls avoid ‘sport’ at school and frequently drop into inactivity

Some of our .

conference partners include:

What people say

  • They speak our language
  • They speak honestly
  • They encourage creativity
  • They have an eye on the bottom line
  • They make clubs better
  • They are fun to work with!


James Steel


“Firstly, let me say that was a truly outstanding conference on Saturday”



Robin Yellowlees

Strategic Development Manager - Sport and Physical Activity, , City of Edinburgh Council

“Svend? In one word: Brilliant,”

John Pallett,

Leyland Cricket Club